David / Comment #48

I feel as if a great load has been lifted from me. For years I have become increasingly unhappy with the usual doctrine of everlasting torment, but whenever I raise it in Bible study groups or discussion, I am met with dismay by my Christian Read more “David / Comment #48”

Stephanie / Comment #33

Hi there, Just want to say thanks for your huge article on hell. I have been struggling with this for many years almost to the point of losing my faith. It is terrifying to understand how a tradition can be so ingrained in us that Read more “Stephanie / Comment #33”

Debbie / Comment #45

I thank God for your website. I have been a born again Christian for 27 years and have been living with an insidious fear for my unsaved loved ones, concerning them burning in hell for eternity. The thought of that has deeply affected my emotional Read more “Debbie / Comment #45”

Elijah / Comment #62

I just wanted to express my deep gratitude to you for opening my eyes to conditionalism and the myth of eternal torment in hell. I was so struggling with the “traditional” understanding of hell and, among other reasons, I had basically left Christianity because it Read more “Elijah / Comment #62”

Susan / Comment #68

I am so glad that I am not the only one who experience these horrible feelings, I bacame a Christian 4 years ago and I used to keep a beautiful relationship with God, I remember me waking up early just for seeking God, I was Read more “Susan / Comment #68”

Tedford / Comment #39

Thank you for an awesome and thorough site on this subject. I’ve believed this for years after coming to the truth through Fudge’s book in part but mainly just sitting down with a bible and a concordance. Much prayer and study made it obvious. The Read more “Tedford / Comment #39”

Scott / Comment #65

Thank you for a tremendous effort to set the record of our Lord straight regarding the fate of the righteous and the fate of the unrighteous. I too came to see this wonderful truth about God’s perfect and righteous judgment of unrepentant sinners about 6 Read more “Scott / Comment #65”

Keaton / Comment #76

This website (along with God’s leading in my life to uncover the truth) kept me from walking away from Jesus due to the Problem of Hell. I’ve poured over apologetics books and have come to terms, and have confidently accepted, the truth of God’s creation, Read more “Keaton / Comment #76”

Perry / Comment #78

So glad the I found this site. I have been studying about hell for a long time and could not believe that God would torture his beloved children for all eternity. You have confirmed what I had been thinking. John 3:16 NEVER made sense to Read more “Perry / Comment #78”

Darryl / Comment #10

I want to thank you for challenging that which has troubled me for so many years, the truth of the Bible is so much better than what men teach.

Heidi / Comment #12

Thank you for this website! I found you by googling Bill Wiese and his talk on Hell. thank you. This teaching makes sense: it fits with who God is and is scripturally sound.
When my daddy died my sister asked me what Read more “Heidi / Comment #12”


Cory / Comment #18

Awesome information. I always had hoped that there was a better explanation than eternal torment. Also, it is nice to know that we will rejoice when the wicked are destroyed, because then they will no longer have to suffer in hell. Thanks for your research. Read more “Cory / Comment #18”

Etienne / Comment #31

I am very glad that I came upon your site. I came to the same conclusion a few years ago after losing my grandfather who was a devout Catholic. I began to research the subject to really find out that no one except our Lord Read more “Etienne / Comment #31”

Letitia / Comment #56

Dear Sir: I read your entire site shortly before my brother committed suicide last year. It was a great comfort to me to know that he won’t suffer forever. But, I still grieve that he won’t go to Heaven. I try to share yor site; Read more “Letitia / Comment #56”

Alison / Comment #77

Dear Sir,
Like you, I’ve been born again, since August 17, 1991, and I studied Hell
over the years, but always had questions. Especially like, how could
the worm of Gehanna refer to a person’s soul, and how does eternal tortue
Read more “Alison / Comment #77”

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