Alison / Comment #77

Alison / Comment #77

Dear Sir,
Like you, I’ve been born again, since August 17, 1991, and I studied Hell
over the years, but always had questions. Especially like, how could
the worm of Gehanna refer to a person’s soul, and how does eternal tortue
match the revealed character of God in the Bible?

Thank you, thank you for digging deep into the WORD to help others see
the truth about how Hell works!

My Dad died in 2018, after years of witnessing and praying, to no
avail, which has thrown me into a deep depression at the thought of his
torture. I’m sad that he will suffer in Hell and then die (soul) , but relieved that the Scriptures show that
it’s not an eternal suffering!
Your study has renewed my faith, and given me a renewed passion to study
the WORD and witness to the lost.

I just wanted to thank you for your careful, and thoughtful handling of
God’s Word. I see the truth by hermeneutics, the WORD compared with the

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