Elijah / Comment #62

Elijah / Comment #62

I just wanted to express my deep gratitude to you for opening my eyes to conditionalism and the myth of eternal torment in hell.

I was so struggling with the “traditional” understanding of hell and, among other reasons, I had basically left Christianity because it so troubled me.

When I came across your website, it opened my eyes to what was sitting in plain sight in the Bible the whole time, but I had it drilled into me that the soul was immortal and, by extension, that hell was forever.

All of a sudden it all made so much more sense and I was both overjoyed and relieved.

Not that you want the credit, but I feel like I can actually be a Christian again and I owe that to at least partially to your website, which lays out a fantastic and persuasive case that hell isn’t eternal torture, it’s the annihilation of the wicked.

It’s not sadistic, it’s merciful and entirely logical since we don’t have eternal life of any kind unless God grants it to us.

Anyways, I’m thrilled that I found you guys, and God might just use you and your website to bring me back to Him!

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