Keaton / Comment #76

Keaton / Comment #76

This website (along with God’s leading in my life to uncover the truth) kept me from walking away from Jesus due to the Problem of Hell. I’ve poured over apologetics books and have come to terms, and have confidently accepted, the truth of God’s creation, free will, existence of evil, etc. but the existence of an everlasting Hell meant to torture non-believers and sinners never made sense to me, especially one that was allowed by an all-loving God. It was always one aspect of faith I couldn’t align with no matter how I tried to rationalize it. After thoroughly reviewing the information presented on this site, I have, beyond a doubt, come to believe in conditional immortality – not simply on a logical level, but spiritually as well. As I read through the scriptures and prayed over the concepts brought forward, I felt a supernatural reassurance. Not relief hoisted on the back of confirmation bias, but the kind of peace that you receive from Jesus when you’ve stumbled upon the truth.

This website changed my life. God bless you and your amazing ministry!


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